Our Guide to Managing the Operation of Your Fleet of Mine-spec Vehicles

Managing a small fleet operation isn’t a walk in the park. When you’re running a number of mine-spec vehicles, there are a few key tasks you must perform which are crucial in improving your operational efficiency, boosting your profitability, and maintaining your business reputation. In this article, we will share three vital tips to assist […]

4 Ways to Improve Safety While Driving Around Mines

Working as a driver in Mining sites across Australia involves a fair share of workplace hazards. In fact, simply navigating mine roadways can be a challenge by itself. Unlike carefully constructed public roads, mine roadways are often unpaved and usually riddled with bumpy or even surfaces from supporting heavy vehicles or a recent downpour. Drivers […]

A Beginner’s Guide to Safer Mine Vehicle Driving Experiences

Whether you’re driving on a public road or traversing the challenging terrain of the mine site itself, you must always exercise caution when driving a mining vehicle. Like accidents that occur on public roads, the problem with most accidents that occur in mines is that they are often uncontrolled events that can easily yield severe […]

Mine Spec Four-Wheel Drive Vehicles—What You Need to Know

When dealing with the rough driving conditions of dangerous environments like mine sites, vehicles need to be outfitted properly to manage the conditions present. You wouldn’t wear a pair of slippers on a bush walk, which is the same as driving a stock standard vehicle into a mine. Mining environments are some of the toughest […]

Why Commercial Dual-Cab Truck Hire is Key to a Business’s Survival

A common misconception that many Australian business owners have when deciding to invest in commercial dual-cab truck hire is that it’s nothing more than a short-term fix. This can’t be further from the truth. In these trying times, many now realise that dual-cab truck hire services play a crucial role in offering flexible long term […]

3 Reasons Why Mining Vehicle Rentals Are the Way to Go

When it comes to operating a business, there is undoubtedly a market for service vehicles. After all, companies will always need to haul things, whether it’s manpower or goods. Companies need to get their resources where they need to be—and have a reliable rotation of vehicles to back it up. While this isn’t such a […]

Quick Facts About Hiring a Fleet of Mine Spec Vehicles

When it comes to assembling a fleet of vehicles that are meant for hazardous work environments, mine spec vehicles are essential in meeting the set safety requirements. While heavy equipment is already built and tested for environments like mining zones, light commercial vehicles need to be fit with mine spec equipment too. Mine spec Hilux […]